Three Easy Tent Alternatives

A good quality tent is crucial to a successful camping trip!  I have used all sorts of tent alternatives and wanted to discuss a few below.

1. Build Your Own Tent From Scratch

This is a good alternative, but it takes a bit of labor to build and concentration to get the measurements right

Truck Tent Review

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This option can be a little less expensive, but offers little protection from the elements and is more labor intensive.  The value provided by Napier Outdoors Backroadz Truck Tent is worth the little extra price. 

2. Try a Camping Hammock

A camping hammock is a great alternative to a tent and truck tent for many reasons:

  • Save you set up time compared to a tent, as long as you have 2 supports to stretch your hammock between.
  • If the weather is nice you will feel more intimate with nature. 
  • You are still off the ground and will not have to worry about an uneven surface

We highly recommend the ProVenture Double Camping Hammock 

ProVenture Double Camping Hammock

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Unlike the most popular camping Hammock: the Eno, ProVenture is as good as quality and less expensive with the straps included.

3. Rent an RV

This is a great option and the most luxurious. However, it is by far the most expensive.

Truck Camper

It offers all the amenities of your house with a much nicer view when you wake up. This is however my least favorite option as RV’s are accompanied by loud generators that take away from the serenity of nature.  Plus, you are limited as to where you can camp due to the size and maneuverability.

I do recommend this option if you can afford it especially if you have small children.


In my opinion, truck tents are still your best option as they offer the best balance between being comfortable, protection from the elements and being close to nature, while not stretching the bank account too far.

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