DIY Truck Tent

If you are good working with your hands try making your own truck tent.

 There are many ways you can build your own truck tent. I have found the easiest is to use PVC Pipe

Truck Tent Review

Check out our video on how to construct. ==>(Video Coming soon)

Using PVC Pipe

This is a good alternative but takes a bit of labor to build and concentration to get the measurements right

You Will Need

Truck Tent CamperreviewreviewReviewTruck Tent

  1. Tarp
    • 10ft x 20ft
  2. PVC pipe
    •  sizes
      • 60 Inches (Quantity of 1)
      • 12 inches long (Quantity of 4)
      • 33 inches (Quantity of 4)
      • 3 way connector (Quantity of 2)
      • 45 Degree elbow (Quantity of 8)
  3. Bungie Cords
    • Quantity Of 8


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Check out our video how to follow the below Steps. ==> (Video Coming Soon)

  1. Purchase Materials To build
  2. Measure the Bed of your truck and establish the A-frame security points
  3. Cut the PCV pipe the length of your truck bed
  4. Cut other PVC pip to length’s denoted in the “You Will Need” list above
  5. Place the 33″ length PVC at the 4 corners of your truck bed and secure to bed
  6. Attach 45 degree PVC elbow to tops of 33″ PVC pipe’s
  7. Connect 12″ long PVC pipe to 45 degree elbows in step 6
  8. Connect left over 45 degree PVC pipes to 12″ PVC pipes from step 7
  9. Use 3 way PVC connector to bring the A-Frame together
  10. Connect the PVC pipe measured to your truck to the 3 way in step 9 bringing the 2 A-Frames together
  11. Drape Tarp over the A frame, making sure all corners are covered
  12. Fasten tarp onto A-Frame anchoring with bungie cords
  13. Enjoy and fell free to get even more creative

This option can be a little less expensive, but offers little protection from the elements and is more labor intensive.  The value provided by Napier Outdoors Backroadz Truck Tent is worth the little extra price.