Truck Tent Camping Made Simple: A Durable and lightweight Pickup Truck Bed Tent For Every Outdoor adventure

 Why Is Napier The Best Choice For Truck Camping:

Napier Backroadz Pickup Full Sized Truck Bed Tent

  • 100% Waterproof In The Worst Weather
  • Fast And Easy Set Up
  • 5.5+ Feet of Head Room
  • Color Coded Poles Make Set Up No More Than 10 Minutes

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If you are currently an avid camper or looking to become one, you are fully aware of the hassle with finding the best place to pitch your tent, especially before dark…


…That will no longer be your concern as Napier’s Backroadz tent utilizes your truck bed and offers a dry surface, free of obstruction…


…You will sleep at ease knowing that you are elevated above the water, mud and rocks that lay beneath your pickup.



Set Up takes 4 quick and easy steps

  1. Fasten Poles
  2. Secure Tent on Bed
  3. Stretch Hooks to Bed Body
  4. Tighten Straps.


Enjoy Your Napier In The Great Outdoors Knowing That Napier Plants a Tree For Every Truck Tent Sold!  Adventure With a Consciousness.
Environmentally Sustainable Business

 Hear What Others Are Saying

Rain tested, and 40mph wind tested. Held up great, no leaks, no tears, slept great. Like the space, and the added accessory tie down on the roof on the inside. Nice durable tarp for the floor. Is waterproof, Easy to put together, and take down”

-Max Delaney, Toyota Tacoma

“Simple to set up, fits the bed perfectly and is full of clever features. The floor is waterproof and during a 3 hr downpour in the the Vail mountains, not one drop made its way in (seams floor etc). Very satisfied with this tent”

-Jason Douglass, Chevy Silverado

“I purchased the 8′ version and fitted it to an F350 with a long bed. I put it up by myself and the wife helped with the rain fly. Easy-peasy! Camp was about a 1/4 mile from the boat ramp and I just left the tent on when we unloaded and loaded the boat. The speed limit was 10 mph. I accidentally dragged a tree branch that was hanging low. It was an oak tree and when we heard the branch crack I looked at the wife and said “uh oh!” We got out and the tent was unphased. Not a scratch”

-Nick Swaffer, Ford F350

Napier Backroadz Pickup Truck Tent Reviews

Napier Truck Bed Tent For The Adventurer In You

Will The Backroadz Truck Tent Fit In My Truck?

(See our Truck napier-backroadz-truck-tent-sizing-chart)Truck Sofa Camping

Napier spared no expense in the design of their highly acclaimed product and accounted for almost every variation of truck beds.

  1. Tents fit most standard sized beds available in the market
  2. Don’t worry if you have a toolbox, they thought of that!
  3. Bed liners wont be an issue for your camping excursion with a Napier

It doesn’t matter if your taking the family out for a nice weekend by the lake or heading up into the mountains.  As long as you have a truck bed, you have 5-star accommodations all the way.


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Is the Napier Outdoor Backroadz Truck Tent Worth it?  Yes!

  • Quality Design

  • Fast Set-Up

  • Easy take Down

  • Securely Fastened


Is There a Warranty

Answer: YES

There is a 1 Year Warranty from the manufacturer

Do I Have to Have a Tailgate

Answer: YES, BUT

Although the base of the tent runs the entire length of the truck bed with the tailgate down. If you don’t have a tailgate, you can just run the straps under like normal, you will just have the “Porch” of the tent hanging over where the gate is supposed to be.

Is There Enough Head Room


The smallest tent for shortest bed has 5 and 1/2 feet of head room

Will it Work If I Have A Tool Box In My Truck Bed

Answer: YES

We recommend placing the tent over the whole toolbox to minimize the amount of rain that can enter between the toolbox and the tent.  If you have a metal toolbox make sure the corners are not sharp as it may rip the tent fabric.

Will the Straps Rub my Paint Off

Answer: NO

After many tests we found that the paint does not rub off unless quite a bit of pressure and extensive manually forced rubbing. If you are still worried about it we recommend these protection strap mentioned in our accessories page here! –> *Recommended Accessories*

How Long Does it Really Take to Set Up

Answer: 10 Minutes

The first time you set it up plan for 20 minutes for learning and direction reading. Every time after, it will take no more that 10 Minutes.

Is There A Full Bottom To The Tent

Answer: YES

Napier is the ONLY truck tent manufacturer who creates their tents with a full floor.

Is there room for a Mattress


100% enough space for a mattress. If you don’t have one we recommend AirBedz Lite Truck Bed Air Mattress. Click  *here* to navigate to our recommended Recommended Accessories 

Does it Have a Hook For a Lantern

Answer: YES

It is strong enough to hold your biggest lantern

Can You See the Stars During a Clear Sky

Answer: 100% YES

When the sky is clear let the air in and view the night sky like you have never seen it before.

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